Pleasant Valley Innovative School is the alternative school for Murray County. As an alternative school, we face a unique challenge in that we serve three different groups of students:


The first group is the students that wanted an alternative setting for their education. Perhaps they fell behind at the traditional school, needed a smaller environment, or thought that we could meet their individual needs. 


The second group is the students who made a mistake and are no longer able to attend their home school. These students are with us for varying lengths of time and will eventually return to their home school. 


The third group of students is our virtual students. These students and their families decided that a virtual option would best meet their needs this year.  


Regardless of which group of students we serve, we are dedicated to showing our students that we authentically care about them.  We understand that every person carries some sort of baggage that shapes their life. Perhaps it’s emotional, physical, an issue from their past, or anxiety about their future; regardless of what it is, we understand that the baggage one carries doesn’t define who they are. Rather, we are defined with how we carry that baggage and how we move forward. 


Our goal is that every student leaves here a better man or woman than the one they were when they first walked through our doors. We are determined to meet them where they are and work with them to improve.


2020 Graduation Rate: 82%


If you would like to support our school, please call 706-517-5355 or email

PVIS students